Why use a Tax Lawyer?

The relationship between a taxpayer and the tax authority is not balanced. The tax authority includes tax law professionals who master complex law and procedures of which the taxpayer is ignorant.

Moreover, any business generates a cost, which cannot be shortened to legal and economic aspects without consideration of tax and financial issues.

A Tax lawyer is an independent law professional who knows the rules and regulations, that both taxpayers and tax authorities have to agree with as well as the functioning of judicial and administrative institutions.

The tax lawyer expertise is based on the law, admininistration doctrine, numerous case law and the knowledge of its client business to deal with the authorities using strong and legal arguments when they disagree.

The intervention of a tax lawyer balances the relationship between the tax authorities and taxpayers, releases its clients from their stress and anguish allowing them to use to the best of their interests the rights and guarantees granted by the law to pay only “the fair tax”.

Within a proactive approach, the tax lawyer also allows optimisation and security for the individuals and company’s business and agreements from legal and tax issues.

Listening to its client’s problems, the tax lawyer allows individuals to reorganise their patrimonial wealth with a minimum tax burden, and for any businessman to create, manage, increase or transmit his assets under the best conditions.

Using his knowledge of the law, the tax lawyer reinforces the company’s image and allows them to develop their activities and business relationships securing with documented work the tax and legal issues with all the economic actors present (providers, clients, partners, authorities…) as well as optimising their financial conditions.

Using a tax lawyer is:

  • Providing companies with a competitive advantage essential to the conquest of new markets
  • Using a Professional partner to share, with confidentiality and serenity, your projects as well as your difficulties and find solutions to the best of your interests
  • Release from the stress inherent to the rising complexity of tax and legal provisions allowing you to devote your time and energy to your business and your family and to save time, energy and money